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10 Little (But Important!) Habits Of Every Happy Couple!

Being happy always doesn’t come naturally!  Everybody has their knocks in a relationship en route, yet in the event that you ever ask a happy couple what the key to their relationship is,  they’ll always say that it lies in the little things. Here are some of the little habits that most happy couples have!

1. WWHD?

The “What Would He Do?” question they ask themselves in confusing situations. It’s not so literal – it just means that every time you’re trying to make a decision that affects both of you, you try and put yourself in your partner’s shoes and try and look at the situation from their point of view.

2. Reached Home?

Sending the simple “Reached home?” text. Doesn’t have to be nagging or demanding, but it’s just about the satisfaction of knowing they’ve gotten back safe and sound, what’s more, the other individual realizing that somebody is stressed over their protected return is a delightful feeling.

3. Hugs x Hugs

That hug when you see them! It could be following quite a while of being separated or even following two or three hours, however that one hug when they meet just returns everything in its correct spot for them. That hug is key. That hug is valuable!

4. Sweet Nothings

Obviously they love each other and they realize that, yet at the same time giving each other little compliments is an extraordinary habit to have! It doesn’t need to be major, simply welcoming the way they’ve done their hair or how clever the joke they let you know was… It instantly makes their mood lighter!

5. Share And Care

The habit of helping out, the habit of sharing responsibilities. This little habit gets imbued into our lives rapidly and gives us the feeling of not being separated from everyone else in any circumstance.

6. No Phones!

Our lives have become dependent on our phones nowadays, but that never comes between a happy couple. When they’re with their partners, they don’t even hear that “ting” of their WhatsApp messages. And when they do, it’s like a reminder to put the phones on silent to welcome their time together.

7. “You And Me” Time

Being able to hang out in a group is very important for every relationship, but not when it detracts from quality alone time together.  Happy couples set aside a few minutes just with each other, whether it’s on dates or even simply viewing their most loved shows together.

8. No Sleeping On It!

Fights are a part of every relationship, but every happy couple has a way to make sure they don’t do that much damage. One extraordinary habit to have is to never go to sleep angry with your partner. Try not to think about the battle, it just gives things a chance to blend for a longer time. Talk, talk a lot, but either finish the fight or amicably agree to disagree about some things.

9. Saying It

Not leaving things unsaid. Thinking it’s obvious, thinking it should be assumed… Never rely on that. Proclaim your love, as much as you like, as many times as you want! One never tires of hearing it, trust us.

10. Side By Side

It’s a very small thing, but happy couples coordinate their pace. Truly and metaphorically! You’ll notice they’ll always walk alongside each other and they even try to follow this in life situations. They help the other cope in the face of difficult situation by being by their side.


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