Dhoni’s Incredible 2.14m Stretch Against Aussies Impresses Everyone, Calls It ‘Just Dhoni Things’


Dhoni haters rant non-stop that he should get a retirement now but he refuses to stop. Mahi keeps on proving his mettle every time he walks out of the pavilion.

Talking about the recent display of his incredible game, Dhoni saved himself miraculously from getting stumped in the 2nd T20I at Chinnaswamy Stadium by stretching over two meters!

In the 11th over of the match, Adam Zampa threw a delivery with Dhoni on strike. As soon as he hit the ball, Dhoni crossed the crease to chase a run quickly. But, the ball went wide off stump! Dhoni was quick to return back to his crease taking an almost full split stretch of 2.14 meters.

The decision went to the Third umpire but the result was in favour of Mahi as he managed to cross the crease before Handscomb took the bails off. All thanks to his superbly incredible stretch!
Twitter, since then, is heaping praise on Dhoni for his great athleticism. Here’s what they have to say:

From his copyrighted helicopter shots to lightning fast reflexes behind the wickets and now this incredible stretch, Dhoni never fails to demonstrate his superpowers on the field, time and again!

Far-off from retirement, Dhoni still seems to be on fire, at least he proves so in all of his innings which are laced with humongous boundaries always!

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