‘One Sentence’ Love Stories That Are WAY Better Than Twilight


Love… Love is all we need, isn’t it? If your heart beats a little faster when two souls find each other or if your eyes fill up with tears when you hear of love unlike others, then you’ve come to the right place. Here are 15 heartwarming one-line love stories that will brighten up your day and make your heart skip a beat.

1. His hands on my waist fit me better than my favourite dress, so I kept them there.

2. Five years ago, he offered me a ride… Five years later, I offered him my heart.

3. If my lips can’t linger on yours, I’d rather have them in your thoughts.

4. He was sh*t scared of the sea but there he was, down on one knee at the beach, only because she loved the waves touching her feet.

5. I saw him gobble down his peanut butter sandwich in one go, it was love at first bite.

6. ‘I love you’, he said, with a ring on his finger, as I placed my hand on the screen, long distance never felt this distant!

7. We talked all night, built a library with the words we said and then never stepped out.

8. He was this, she was that – they say opposites attract.

9. Those three minutes, as she walked down the aisle were the longest we’d been apart, but we made sure we’d never be again.

10. Our wires crossed somewhere in between morning classes, cold coffees and warm kisses – entangled forever.

11. She held his hand as he lay in his bed in the hospital… ‘Until death does us apart’ they’d said.

12. It’s when everyone left that she finally found him, hidden beneath her memories.

13. Blue jeans, white shirt – he took my breath away, yet it felt like I was breathing for the first time.

14. Her hands moved on the game controller with swift motions and just like that he lost the game… And his heart.

15. The sky was painted black, the earth beneath was green, as they lay holding hands, in between.

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