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Cynthia Nixon Loses in Primary Race Against Andrew Cuomo

Cynthia Nixon has lost the New York State Primary for Governor to incumbent Governor Andrew Cuomo. The Associated Press projected Cuomo’s win just 30 minutes after polls closed, with Nixon earning 33.5 percent of the vote with 30 percent of precincts reporting.“While the result tonight wasn’t what we had hoped for, I’m not discouraged. I’m inspired. I hope you are too. We have fundamentally changed the political landscape in this state,” read a portion of Nixon’s statement on the results, which she posted on Twitter. “This campaign changed expectations about what’s possible in New York State. We moved issues of racial and economic justice to the forefront. We shined a light on inequality, and turned the media’s attention to forgotten communities across this state.” This isn’t just a symbolic victory. This campaign forced the Governor to make concrete commitments that will change the lives of people across this state. Cynthia Nixon (@CynthiaNixon) September 14, 2018 Nixon ran on a host of progressive issues, including the legalization of marijuana, abolishing ICE, fixing the MTA, raising the minimum wage, transition to 100 percent renewable energy, and criminal justice reform that prioritizes racial and class disparities. She has visited the U.S. border in protest of the family separation policy, canvassed across New York, ridden in steamy subway cars, and sat in the back of rooms on floors to listen to potential constituents.Her decision to give up the more cushioned life of an actor and enter a fierce and oftentimes unforgiving race to become New York’s next governor was catalyzed by the election of Donald Trump – and further fueled by her belief that Andrew Cuomo was doing little to make him much different. Despite her loss, her run showed that there is a growing discontent with the centrist Democratic platform and particularly governing that that fails to address the racial and economic inequalities in New York.“Cuomo may be re-elected but Albany has been transformed forever,” Joe Dinkin, head of campaigns for the progressive Working Families Party, told the Huffington Post. “To beat Cynthia Nixon, Cuomo had to spend tens of millions of dollars and also make serious policy concessions to progressives, from criminal justice reform to funding the subways.”Related ArticlesWhat It’s Like Dating a PsychopathEverything We Know About the Off-Duty Cop Who Shot and Killed Her Black NeighborFeinstein Had Secret Letter About Kavanaugh, Reportedly About Sexual MisconductGiving Up Alcohol Made Me Date Like a Teenager AgainWhat’s Going on With Fan Bingbing, the Chinese Star Who Mysteriously Disappeared?,

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